When the church is rooted deeply in its community, and its membership is operating as public servants, the church will impact the lives of people and the believers will fulfill the Messiah's mission on earth.

Jeremiah 29:7 says "Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper."

What should be the response of the Church amidst so much division in the world? Hear the heart of our Westside pastoral staff as they challenge us as believers to strive for unity while holding to our opinions. Click here to view the video.

Westside Re-Entry Plan

June 10, 2020
Westside Family,
Our church board met last night, discussed a Re-Entry plan for worshiping together and unanimously agreed on coming back together on June 21st. We’ve attached our plan for you to review. Let me highlight a few of the details.
1). Two morning worship services with different starting times. 9:00am and 11:00am.
2). Change in times allows us a 30-minute preparation time for the second service.
3). For safety “distancing,” we will be worshiping in both the sanctuary and chapel, via live feed. Estimated capacity 200.
The following descriptions in the Phased: Re-Entry notes are primarily self-explanatory. One last thought.
Coming back together to worship is truly each individual’s choice, and some of you may feel leery to do so at this moment. We understand and are very thankful to have an online option for you to worship with us. When you feel comfortable to come back and worship, do so. We will look forward to that! The online worship will not be available on Sundays, rather posted for viewing on Tuesday.
Love you all and look forward to June 21st.
In His Service,


Phased Re-Entry

  Phased: Re-Entry
*Not to be confused with State, County, “4-Core”
guidelines/suggestions. Westside Plan
Phase One – June 21
1). AM Worships
            A). Limited Capacity of 250 on campus, and limited use of church
            B). “Social Distancing” means reconfiguration of both sanctuary and chapel for worship. Chapel will be a live feed from sanctuary.
            C). Classrooms will not be used – only Gathering Place, restrooms, and lobby
            D). Worship Times: 9:00am and 11:00am
                  *30-minute sanitizing time between worships
            E). Inter-generational worship, no children’s church for a while
            F). Stress family units sitting together, no intermingling of families
            G). Stress personal hygiene. Hand washing, sanitizers, …
            H). No fellowship time, not passing offering plates, distributing self-contained communion elements
            I). Encourage self-determination for re-entry. Online worship will remain a viable option for us.

2). Auxiliary Ministries
            A). Discipleship/S.S. Classes are not on Sunday mornings in this Phase. However, options exist for adults and teens.
                  … Alternative times for gathering (Sun. PM, weeknights, Zoom)
            B). Manna distribution will again be on campus and connected to worship attendance.
            C). Departmental and Committee meetings may be held on campus.
            D). Senior Adults can meet in chapel for study groups or fellowship
            E). Teens may gather on Wed. evening for Youth Group (Chapel, Restroom, Outside)

3). Outside Groups
            A). Mahanaim can resume worshiping with a few conditions
                … Adjusted worship time (later)
                … Use the chapel reconfiguration, no rearranging.
                … Nursery and Restrooms are the only rooms available in this Phase
           B). All other groups will seek permission from the church office. If granted usage, it will be as our parameters allow.

4). Practices for cleaning and keeping environment safe.
           A). Temporarily hiring extra cleaners for sanitizing.
           B). Purchased disinfectant foggers.
           C). Keeping classrooms cleaned and locked until we enter Phase Two.

5). Pastoral Care will resume (Hospital, Shut-ins, …)
Phase Two – Before August 1st
… No capacity restrictions
… S.S. & AM worship will be as before. Same time, no social distancing, use of entire church campus.
… Re-starting children’s ministries at the discretion of our Children’s Pastors and leadership team.
… Worship practices are up for reevaluation. Fellowship, Communion, Baptisms, …
… Sun. PM to be evaluated.
… Midweek programming resumes.
… Fellowship meal will be evaluated.


Manna Ministries

Manna Ministries has been continuously providing food for body and soul during the COVID-19 pandemic.  When it became impossible to buy food in bulk to prepare for the distribution, we transitioned our distribution to home delivery.  This delivery was meant to be a temporary solution while food was difficult and even unavailable for mass distribution any other way. We believe this season has passed.  Effective immediately Manna Ministries will be distributing food on the church campus again.  On June 14th,  we will distribute food on Sunday afternoon between 1 and 2pm.  The distribution will be in the parking lot.  You will not have to get out of your car.  We will bring the groceries to you.  Simply pull your car up to the sidewalk in front of the Gathering Place entrance.   As always, your employment status does not matter.  You are welcome to receive this food if it will help you.
When the church re-opens for worship on June 21st we will continue our permanent distribution as it was before COVID-19:  Registration before morning worship - join together for worship - with distribution of groceries immediately following the second Morning Worship experience.  As always, the amount of groceries received will be based upon the umber of household members participating in worship on that day.
If you do not feel comfortable in participating in worship services at the church for a little longer, we understand. We desire for you to re-enter as you feel comfortable. Worship services will continue to be available on-line, but will not be available until later in the week (Perhaps Tuesday).  This is because our services do not yet stream live. For those who do not yet feel comfortable in joining us for corporate worship at the church we will continue to provide groceries for a few more weeks in the parking lot between 1 and 2pm.  The continuation of this Manna distribution method will be temporary.
Loving the Master’s Way,
Pastor Joe

Cover our Community in Prayer

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Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.