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We now offer weekly information newsletters for both Preschool age children and Elementary age children. You may pick these up on Sunday mornings at the Children's check-in table.To download a copy please click the link below:


Web Links

The Kansas City District Kids ministry has a website where they post important information about district events and activities. To learn more about a district event or about the district kids ministry visit their website at

Focus on the Family is a Christian organization lead by Dr. James Dobson. There is a wealth of resources located on their website at

Family Education is a powerful and large website for parents. This website has a large variety of information for parents, but also includes activities for children. You can visit them at

Stuff For Kids

Web Links

Search Engines

There are some quality web search engines for kids that allow them to look for information on the internet. The popular search engine has a search engine just for kids at This search engine allows kids to form their searches by asking questions and directs them to possible answers.

Another quality search engine for kids can be found at This website is developed by Fact Monster has lots of help for homework including an almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, atlas, and a homework center.

A couple of other search engines that can help with homework and research are and  The "Kids Click" website was put together by librarians specifically for kids.

Just For Fun

Club JellyTelly is a unique online network for families, developed by VeggieTales and What's In the Bible? creator, Phil Vischer. As a faith-based alternative to other children's programming, JellyTelly provides families with a safe place to learn and play online. They have the largest and most diverse collection of Christian children's programming in the world for families to enjoy and engage. This resource is $5 a month. Check it out at

The "Adventures in Odyessy" gang can be found at There's lots of activites, games, and fun things to do. Check out your old friends from Odyssey!

Clubhouse magazine is a magazine that is put together by Focus on the Family and is meant for kids. You can check them out at Even if you don't get the magazine there are still some fun things to do on this site!

AOL has created a separate web division just for kids at There is a ton of stuff on this site that you can enjoy! You can create a username and email (with your parents help) at this website.

Fun Brain is a website that will get your mind going! It has games where you have fun and learn at the same time too. Fun Brain is said to be the most visited websites for kids. Check them out at

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