School-Age (Grades 1-6)

Safe Environment

To provide a safe and God-honoring environment for His children, our teachers work in pairs, pass background checks, and work within a check-in/check-out system.

Parents are required to check-in their children at either the Nursery/Preschool Check-in Station or the Elementary Check-in Station each time they bring their child to Westside.  Complete check-in/out information is available at the Check-in Stations.

To further ensure your child’s safety, please alert our Check-In Station volunteer to any allergies or existing medical conditions your child may have. Restrooms near our children’s classrooms are reserved for their use alone.  Adult restrooms are directly across from the church offices.

We love your kids and we hope that we communicate that message through our ministry. If you have any questions you may contact Pastor Isaac Miller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sunday Mornings

First Session 9:30am -10:35am  – Sunday School

God’s children have the privilege to learn from His Word, the Bible, during First Session.  We use WordAction curriculum (Nazarene Publishing House) in our elementary classes.  The focus each week is to help His children know about God while also getting to know Him (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)—personally!  Our teachers’ highest goal is to point His children to life in Christ. Upon your arrival, bring your child to Rm 400 for music and fellowship.  Our Elementary teachers will collect their students by 9:35 and lead them to the following classes depending on their ages:

  • Kindergarten     - Room 302
  • 1st-2nd Grades - Room 304
  • 3rd-4th Grades - Room 402
  • 5th-6th Grades - Room 200

Second Session 10:50am—12pm -  Elementary Children’s Church for 1st thru 6th Grade

God’s children were made to worship Him—and we do!  As we experience God in worship, we pray, we sing, we hear from His truth from the Bible, we move, we think, we build community and we are called to love God and serve others.

Intentionally, along the way, we explore the basic beliefs of the Church (the Apostles’ Creed), learn about sacraments (Baptism, Communion), and explore how other cultures hear about God (mission), and have regular opportunities to accept Christ as our Savior.  What a privilege to be among His children!

Sunday Evenings

Sunday evenings are Westside's "family service". During this service we encourage children to sit with their parents. Because of this we do not provide children specific program during the evening service. Many kids bring their coloring books and toys and sit with their families.


Elementary 6:45pm —8:15pm

GROW:From March through August; kids 3yrs-K explore the love of Jesus through an engaging rotation based model of learning in Grow classes. Elementary aged kids will have a 4-week rotation class of their choosing, which range from scrapbooking to electricity to first aid and more. Each rotation will begin with a Bible study that will be incorporated into each week as they learn the skill they chose. These classes will help children find their niche in the Body of Christ, as well as enable them to hear testimonies from and build relationships with the adults in our church.

Warriors of the Word: From August through February; WOW, 1st—6th grade and wiiWOW, age 3 thru kindergarten, meet together with DaVonne Lee and adult leaders.  Children begin worshiping and learning the Word of God through scripture memorization and Bible study and then break out into small groups.  These groups cover a variety of activities from hands on crafts and outdoor activities to learning about the history and lives of important people of the Bible.

Elementary Quizzing:For the 2017-18 quiz year, kids will be learning 1st and 2nd Mathew. Students learn in age-appropriate ways, together with adult leaders, the assigned book of the Bible, as well as memorize 20 Bible verses highlighting the message of the Word.  Students quiz to test their knowledge and to reinforce their learning.  Students, escorted by approved leaders, travel to area Nazarene churches for monthly quiz meets with students from other churches.  To prepare for quizzes there are three avenues for quizzers: 1) come to Wednesday night Bible study 2) Monthly Friday night Quiz Jams and 3) study at home—which is key.  It’s great fun while studying His Word!

Summer Family Days will be scheduled for low-key, events that families can enjoy together.  Each family is responsible for their own costs as needed. Events may include Deanna Rose Park, the KC Zoo or just a picnic at a park. 

Get In Touch

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  • Olathe, KS 66061
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