Sunday Morning Classes

Our Sunday morning adult classes each have their own identity. Some are targeted specifically to study relationships, while others are designed to study the bible or theology, and others are are a combination of both. You will find that there is a class that your will feel comfortable in and be able to engage both God and others.

Sunday 9:30-10:35am

Class                                                      Teachers                                      Room

 Adult Class                                                 Rotating Teacher                                           Gathering Place

Kingdom Builders                                   Steve Potter                                                    401

Family Life & Parenting                      Shelly Schumaker                                          102

Adult Class                                                Joe & Janet Huddleston                                 406


Sunday 10:50-12:00pm

Class                                             Teachers                                           Room

Adult Class                                      Brian Roehm                                                         Gathering Place

Faith Connections                      Robert & Patrice Miller                                     304

Digging Deeper                          Pastor Tom Craig                                                 102

Adult Class                                  Greg Owens                                                            302

Fuel                                                Danielle Fleshmanr                                            401



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