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DaVonne Lee believes that teaching God's Word can be fun and exciting. Her ministry Hide and Keep exists to help parents, teachers, and churches make Bible memorization fun for kids. Hide and Keep is a ministry that puts scripture memorization to music.  The material is specialized to meet The Church of the Nazarene's Children's Quizzing program, however anyone can benefit from this ministry!  Visit Hide and Keep at

Charles David Smart is a member of Westside and is an amazing guitarist. Dave travels around the United States playing at many different venues and glorify God the entire time. You'll want to visit his website and view his calendar, read a biography, purchase his cds, and more. Go to to learn more.

Nazarene Links

The International Church of the Nazarene is part of the Christian tradition. More specifically the Church of the Nazarene is a Wesleyan-Holiness denomination in the Protestant tradition.  The Church was started in 1908 by a Methodist Pastor named Phineas Bresee. Today, the Church of the Nazarene is located in more than 151 world areas with 18,000 different congregations! Go to to learn more about the church and our mission in the world today.

Nazarene Publishing House is the book, magazine, curriculum, music, and video producer for the International Church of the Nazarene. NPH (as it is known in the Nazarene world) was started in 1912 and is located right here in Kansas City, MO. NPH prints over 25 million pieces of literature a year. Go to to find out more about the Publishing House or to order any of their many products.

The Kansas City District Church of the Nazarene is a group of Nazarene churches around the Kansas City Metro area that includes more than 20,000 members and 88 different churches. Go to to learn more about the District churches, vision, and leadership. Also, for district kids information go to and for district teen information go to

MidAmerica Nazarene University is a private university in the liberal arts tradition. MidAmerica opened its doors in 1968 with an enrollment of 263 students. Today MNU has grown to an enrollment of over 1,900 students and offers undergraduate majors in 39 areas.  MidAmerica is located right here in Olathe, KS and is part a larger group of Nazarene schools offering higher education. Go to to find out more about MidAmerica. Click here to view all of the Nazarene colleges & universities worldwide.

Other Nazarene Churches in Olathe include Christ Community Church, College Church, Faith Journey Church, and Living Hope Church. The five Nazarene churches in Olathe meet at different locations and are each unique.  Feel free to visit their websites located below.

Religious Resources Online

Bible Gateway is an amazing resource on the internet that includes many languages and several translations. You can search the Bible by passage, topic, or keyword. Visit Bible Gateway at

Christian Book Distributors is a huge online store that has just about every book related to Christianity you could possibly want. We recommend them highly! Visit them at

The Catholic Encyclopedia is an amazing online resource for those interested in researching topics related to church history. This encyclopedia has a wealth of resource and it is all free. Visit to use this awesome resource!

The Wesley Center for Applied Theology is a web resource that has literally thousands of documents online. From classic John Wesley texts to non-canonical literature this site has it all! There is plenty of reading for the interested theologian. Visit them at  

Other Organizations Westside Works With

Catholic Charities is an organization that Westside works closely with and sends a monthly donation to. Catholic Charities provide a wide range of support to families in need. To learn more about Catholic Charities in Kansas visit For local assistance and to reach the Olathe office you may call 913.782.4077.

Heart to Heart is a leading provider of medical aid throughout the world. Each year this organization reaches millions of people in over 50 countries. Heart to Heart is headquartered in Olathe and their warehouse is in Kansas City. To learn more about this tremendous organization please visit

Kansas City Rescue Mission is an organization that is based in downtown Kansas City and offers help and hope to homeless people. Kansas City Rescue Mission was established in 1950 and they have helped thousands of homeless men over the years. To learn more about the top-notch programs the Rescue Mission offers go to

Jews for Jesus is a an organization of Jewish people who have found Jesus as their Messiah. They employ many evangelistic tools and communicate the gospel in a creative way. Jews for Jesus has visited Westside several times in the last few years. To learn more about Jews for Jesus go to

Samartian's Purse is an organization headed by Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham. Samaritan's Purse is an international relief organization, probably best known for their "Operation Christmas Child Project" which collects gifts packed in shoe boxes for needy children throughout the world. Learn more about Samaritan's Purse by visiting

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